Kolarctic CBC: Updates in reporting requirements, reporting templates and Manual for ongoing projects

Published: May 19, 2020

Recently the MA updated reporting requirements, reporting templates and Manual for ongoing projects. All updated templates and manual are available at https://kolarctic.info/materials-info/ . Please download updated templates and forward them to the project’s partners and auditors.


List of updates:

1. Changes in submitting originals for Interim/Final reports

  • Annex  1 Financial report with the ledger specification

The original of the Annex 1 don’t need to be sent to the MA anymore. Only the signed, scanned copy (pdf file) has to be attached to the Interim Report in PROMAS.

  • Annex 7 Consolidated financial report

Signed paper version of Annex 7 still have to be submitted to MA. Also the signed, scanned copy (pdf file) has to be attached to the Interim Report in PROMAS.

2. Updates in EV documents

Please note that the MA will still accept the old templates if the project currently preparing the reports.

  • EV3 Expenditure and revenue verification report (update 15 May 2020)

Minor updates were made.

EV3 Expenditure and revenue verification report 15052020.docx


  • EV4 Checklist for the expenditure verification (update 15 May 2020)

The checklist has been simplified. The questions in the subcategories under the External services have been combined. The VAT question and Checklist for auditor are added.

EV4 Checklist for the expenditure verification 15052020.docx

3. NEW!!! Checklist for Interim/Final report

To help the Lead Partner, the MA prepared the Checklist for Interim/Final report. The checklist can be modified by Lead Partner to serve the needs of the project (delete/add questions). Lead Partner can create own checklist for it’s partners based on this list. You do not need to submit it to the MA. It is used only to help the project to collect all needed documents for Interim/Final reports. Completed report will speed up the check of the Financial report by the MA.

Checklist for Interim/Final report.docx

4. Attachments in PROMAS

Pay attention that all uploaded documents to PROMAS have to be in PDF/JPEG format with good quality (easy to read). In the file’s name indicate the name of document and name of the partner (e.g. Annex 1_Lapin Liitto)

5. Updates in Project Implementation Manual

Instructions about the Interim report requirements were updated.  Chapter “10.3.3 Quantitative Monitoring, Indicators” were updated. Important changes in the manual to the previous version (18.2.2020) marked with green font. For any question related to indicators, please be in touch with your project’s contact person in the MA. 

Project implementation manual May 2020.pdf

6. COVID-19 instructions

  • Delivery of signed documents (Interim report, addendums, etc)

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the original signed Annex 7 of the financial part of the Interim report  shall be submitted latest with the next Interim report (payment for next Interim report will not be paid before receiving the originals). Same rule applies for the signed Interim report (print from PROMAS) and Payment request.  All scanned copies of the signed documents have to be submitted to the Managing Authority in order to approve the Interim report.

If you are having difficulties getting signatures to the documents to be provided to the Managing Authority, please be in contact with your project contact person, or the person checking your report in the Managing Authority. Instructions will be given on a case by case basis.

  • Eligibility of costs related to cancelled events/meetings

COVID-19 has had effects on planned project meetings and events. The planned and cancelled events are eligible when recovery from the event/meeting -service provider is not possible. When reporting the costs related to the cancelled events, there should be documentation attached, which specifies that the event/meeting costs could not be reimbursed as a whole/partially by the service provider.


More COVID-19 latest updates read on FAQ page https://kolarctic.info/faq/