Vision & Strategy

Vision for the Programme:

Kolarctic CBC programme area is a flourishing, environmentally friendly and diverse area with viable economy, fluent mobility of people, ideas and technologies, and where people-to-people cooperation is an essential value.

Overall objective of the Kolarctic CBC:

is to promote a viable economy and the attractiveness of the region, where inhabitants and visitors are able to enjoy the arctic nature and where the natural resources are used in a sustainable way.

ENI CBC strategic objectives for CBC activities:

  • Promote economic and social development in regions on both sides of common borders
  • Address common challenges in environment, public health, safety and security
  • Promote better conditions and modalities for facilitating the mobility of persons, goods and capital

Priority axes & Thematic objectives

The Programme can award grants to projects that contribute to achieving the Programme’s priorities and objectives.

Priority axis 1

Viability of arctic economy, nature and environment

Thematic objectives

  • TO1 Business and SME development

  • TO6 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation

Priority axis 2

Fluent mobility of people, goods and knowledge

Thematic objectives

  • TO1 Business and SME development

  • TO6 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation

  • TO7 Improvement of accessibility to the regions, development of sustainable and climate-proof transport and communication networks and systems

  • TO10 Promotion of border management and border security, mobility and migration management

The common focus of any action carried out with the support of the Programme is on cross border cooperation, environmental sustainability and gender equality.



Kolartic Budget

The total budget of the Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 is 63 436 180 €.

The indicative allocation of the budget:

24 718 090 € European Union funding
7 000 000 € Norwegian equivalent funding
12 359 045 € National co-financing from EU Member States (Sweden and Finland)
12 359 045 € National co-financing from Russia
7 000 000 € National co-financing from Norway

Programme area

Core regions:

Finland: Lapland
Sweden: Norrbotten
Norway: Finnmark, Troms, Nordland
 Russia: Murmansk Region, Arkhangelsk Region,
Nenets Autonomous District

Adjoining regions:

Finland: Oulu Region
Sweden: Västerbotten
Russia: Republic of Karelia, Republic of Komi

Major social, economic and cultural centre:

Russia: City of St. Petersburg


Programme implementation

The period of implementation of the Programme starts on the date of the adoption of the Kolarctic CBC Programme by the European Commission and ends on 31st of December 2024 at the latest. The full launching of Programme activities is pending on the entry into force of the respective financing agreement.
The Joint Monitoring Committee decides about the launch of the Calls for Proposals on an annual basis (annual work programme). More than one Call for Proposals per year may be organized if necessary.
Contracts for large infrastructure projects have to be signed before 30 June 2019. All other contracts have to be signed before 31 December 2021. All project activities shall end on 31 December 2022 at the latest.
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2012-2015


The 3rd Call for Proposals will be opened the 21st of September and closed the 21st of December 2018. All thematic objectives of the programme will be open for project proposals. The JMC encourages applications especially to Thematic Objectives TO 7 and TO 10.


23 January – 15 March 2017: 1st Call for Proposals is open

8-9 June: 3rd meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolacrtic CBC 2014-2020 in Oslo, Norway

26 June – 29 September: 2nd Call for Proposals is open

7-8 December: 4th meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolacrtic CBC 2014-2020 in Troms, Norway


The Russian Federation and European Commission have been negotiating about the programme, its financing and implementation. The deadline for their signing a Financing Agreement on EU-Russia programmes is on 31st December, 2016.

9 June: 1st meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 in Murmansk, Russia

27-28 October: 2nd meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 in St.Petersburg, Russia

According to an indicative work programme of the Managing Authority, the 1st Call for Proposals will be open on 23 January and closed on 15 March 2017.



Working meetings were arranged between respective administrative bodies in EC, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia on the future programmes.

The EC confirmed the basic principles about how the programme regions would be established.


The Kolarctic Programming Committee started its work and decided e.g. on: the Managing Authority and the Programme region.

Discussions in all countries between different administrative bodies and stakeholders about what needs to be done in cross border cooperation during the next years.


The programme document was drafted, and public hearings were carried out in each country.


The Programming Committee has concluded its work and finalised a programme document proposal. The Managing Authority has submitted the proposal to the EU for handling and approval.

On 18th December 2015, the European Commission has approved the programme.


Programme administration

The Managing Authority of Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 is the Regional Council of Lapland in Rovaniemi (Finland). Programme’s branch offices are located in Luleå (Sweden), Vadsö (Norway) and Murmansk (Russia). The Programme has a Monitoring Committee consisting of 6 members from each participating country, totally 24 members. The Monitoring Committee follows up the implementation of the programme and e.g. makes the final decision about projects to be financed. Also Programme has one RAG in each participating country, and they assess all projects that have been submitted during the Call for Proposals.

Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC)

JMC is the main decision-making body of the Programme comprising representatives from all participating countries. It follows the implementation of the Programme on overall level and gives recommendations to the Managing Authority (MA) for the Programme implementation and evaluation. Further, the JMC is responsible for the evaluation and selection procedure applicable to projects to be financed by the Programme and approves the criteria for project selection.

Minutes of the 5th JMC meeting Rovaniemi 24. April 2018 

Minutes of the 4th JMC meeting Troms 07.-08. December 2017

Minutes of the 3rd JMC meeting Oslo 08.-09. June 2017

Minutes of the 2nd JMC meeting St. Petersburg 27.-28. October 2016

Minutes of the 1st JMC meeting Murmansk 09. June 2016

Regional Assessment Groups (RAG)

RAGs are established in each participating country for evaluation of the project applications. The JMC makes the decision to establish RAGs. The members of each RAG are nominated by the respective participating country. External experts might be involved in the evaluation procedure if necessary.

National Authorities (NA)

NA’s are appointed to support the MA in the management of the Programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management – budgetary principle according to which budget appropriations must be used according to economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Managing Authority (MA)

MA has the responsibility for managing the Programme and for ensuring legality and regularity of its operations and that, decisions of the JMC comply with the regulations and provisions in force.

The MA draws up and launches the approved selection procedures and manages the project selection procedures, provides the Lead Partner with a document setting out the conditions for support for each project including the financing plan and execution deadline and signs contracts with Lead Partners. The MA with the staff of the Branch Offices (BOs) checks eligibility of the applications.

The Managing Authority of Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 is the Regional Council of Lapland (Lapin Liitto) in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Branch Offices (BOs)

The staff of the BOs in Norway (Vadsø), Russia (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk) and Sweden (Luleå) assists the MA in the projects´ administrative checks and provides additional support in providing information for the MA for administrative checks and for the RAGs for evaluation of quality and relevance.  

The Audit Authority (AA) and the members of the Group of Auditors (GoA)

The Control function of the Ministry of Finance (Finland) acts as the AA in the Programme. The AA ensures that audits are carried out on the management and control systems, on an appropriate sample of projects and on the annual accounts of the Programme. The AA will be assisted by a Group of Auditors (GoA) comprising a representative of each participating country in the Programme. The AA ensures that the audit work complies with internationally accepted auditing standards.

Control Contact Points (CCP)

The participating countries have appointed Control Contact Points (CCPs) for supporting the MA to fulfil its project level control and verification tasks. The CCPs provide information and clarifications for the MA on the national rules concerning audits or additional checks on projects.