Frequently Asked Questions


What is CBC?

CBC means “Cross-Border Cooperation”. Cross-border cooperation is part of the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) supporting progress towards “an area of shared prosperity and good neigbourliness” between EU Member States and their neighbours.

What is Kolarctic CBC Programme?

The Kolarctic CBC Programme continues and strengthens cross-border cooperation between the countries in the North Calotte and Northwest Russia.

Funding will be granted to joint cross-border cooperation projects operating in line with the strategy and priorities jointly agreed by Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish partners.

Common focus of any action carried out with the support of the Kolarctic CBC Programme is on internationalization and cross-border cooperation.

When is it possible to apply for financing?

The Programme has organised three calls for proposals during 2017-2018. 

The Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic CBC programme has decided to open 4th Call for Proposals for micro-projects. The JMC decided the basics of the Call in its meeting on 26. November in Luleå. Financing will be provided for micro-projects placing under Thematic Objective 1 and Thematic Objective 6 of the programme. Maximum duration of the projects is 12 months, and the total costs is max 50 000 euros per project, or in the case where a Norwegian partner is involved, 100 000 euros. Because the projects will be small, and shorter than the standard projects approved so far, the application process is simplified. The Call for Proposals will launched at the beginning of February 2020, and it will be open for two months. The exact dates will be confirmed in January.


How often do we have to report?

Project partners are requested to send a narrative and a financial report to the Managing Authority (MA) at least once a year. All project partners should contribute to the common report, but it is responsibility of the Lead Partner to compile the reports and submit them to the MA.

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