Information about the COVID-19 test costs

Published: December 8, 2021

Due to the worldwide pandemic Kolarctic projects may face costs related to the COVID-19 tests. Here answers to the most common questions we have received regarding the test costs:

May COVID-19 test costs be reimbursed from project budget?
If the project staff members / stakeholders are travelling within the frame of the project activities and need to show a negative COVID-19 test, those costs can be reimbursed from project budget.

Whose COVID-19 tests costs can be seen as project costs?

  • Project staff members
  • Guests whom transport expenses were budgeted to be covered from ’Travel and accommodation’ budget line

Which documents need to be provided about the COVID tests costs in the financial reporting?

  • The proof of test payment(s)

From which budget line may the test costs be reimbursed?

  • Travel and accommodation


  • External Expertise and services


For further questions, project lead partners may contact their contact person in the Managing Authority.

We have also shared this information with all our project lead partners via email.

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