Kolarctic CBC micro-projects in a nutshell

Published: December 20, 2021

In early 2020 our last call for project proposals was dedicated to small projects (also known as micro-projects). All in all, 19 micro-projects were funded from the call, and seven projects were put on the reserve list to see if funding from ongoing projects would be released later.  If you are not familiar with micro-projects, it is good to know that the biggest difference between standard and micro-projects is in their length and budget. Whereas standard projects can last for example for three years, micro-projects last max 12 months. Their budget is also relatively small (max 50 000 €, or if a Norwegian partner involved 100 000 €).  

Kolarctic CBC micro-projects show a great diversity. There are projects focusing on business and SME development as well as on environmental issues. Some of the projects are also preparing a bigger development project to be carried out later. Kolarctic team was pleased to see that the call for micro-project proved to be a good way to active new project beneficiaries. Perhaps the simplified application process and the smaller budget opened the door for new project partners. When the budget is smaller, it might be easier for the project to fulfill the needed minimum of 10% own contribution.

We have not planned to carry more calls for project proposals in the current programme. However, it is planned that micro-projects would be also funded in the new programme. More information about it is coming later! In the beginning of next year, we also know better how many micro-projects from the reserve list projects can be funded, and we will inform those projects as soon as the possible.  

But now let’s enjoy the work that Kolarctic micro-projects have done this past year and see what they are up to next year. Follow our social media channels these next two weeks to learn more about the Kolarctic CBC micro-projects tackling the environmental and climate change issues or focusing onbusiness initiatives! 

All our projects are can also be found from here