Some milestones of Kolarctic CBC

The European Commission, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia together drew up the Kolarctic CBC programme document, which was approved by the European Commission on 18th December 2015. The EC started negotiations with the Russian Federation about the implementation and financing the programme.

A first call for proposals was open from 23.01.2017 till 15.03.2017.

The fist 11 projects to be financed were approved in the Joint Monitoring Committee meeting of Kolarctic CBC in June 2017. 

In August 2018 the Russian Federation ratified the Financing Agreement between RF and the European Commission, about the financing of the programme. After this, the Managing Authority could sign Grant Contracts with the projects.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4 th CfP:s were arranged during the next circa three years.

In its meeting in June 2020 the Joint Monitoring Committee approved 14 micro-projects to be financed. These were the last approved projects.

Totally 48 projects were implemented in the framework of the programme. The last projects ended in June 2023.

in February 2022, the program faced a significant setback when Russia attacked Ukraine. As a result, the European Union suspended the Financing Agreement with the Russian Federation. Finland, Sweden, and Norway ceased their collaboration with Russia, while Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian organizations continued to carry out their Kolarctic CBC funded projects independently of the Russian partners. 

An earlier version of the Managing Authority and the Branch Offices: (Back row) Katri Niska-Honkonen, Svetlana Peltoperä, Jan Martin Solstad from the Norwegian Branch Office, Marjaana Lahdenranta, Katja Sukuvaara, Julia Korshunova from the Russian Branch Office, Kairi Pääsuke from the Swedish Branch Office, and in the front Hans Dahlin from the Swedish Branch Office and Linda Mosand from the Norwegian Branch Office.

Managing Authority of Kolarctic CBC in 2022 consisted of (top row from left) Katri Niska-Honkonen, Katja Sujala, Laura Mäki, (front row from left) Sari Peltoniemi, Svetlana Peltoperä, Riikka Holster, and Marjaana Lahdenranta