About Kolarctic CBC

Kolarctic Cross Border Cooperation 2014-2020

Kolarctic Cross Border Cooperation Programme (Kolarctic CBC) is one of the ENI programmes implemented during the programme period 2014-2022. It had four thematic objectives, into which all funded projects could be categorised:

  • Business and SME development
  • Environmental protection, climate chenge adaptation and mitigation
  • Improvement of accessibility to the regions, development of sustainable and climate-proof transport and communication networks and systems
  • Promotion of border management and border security, obilit and migration management

The budget of the programme was 63,4 Million euros, and the financing was provided by the European Union, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Federation.

Besides being part of the EU cooperation with partner countries, Kolarctic CBC was also a chance to complement, continue and strengthen their cross-border cooperation. 

Kolarctic Cross Border Cooperation 2014-2020 programme area