Restoration of rivers needs skilled excavator operators

In river restoration projects, such as ReArc, excavators are needed in field work. A problem that the projects, including ReArc, encountered, is the lack of knowledge among excavator operators regarding why and how the work should be done. There is huge gap in biology and hydromorphological knowledge among the machine operators.  This can affect the quality of the restoration.

The project partners of ReArc made the initiative and planned the project “EXcavator Pro in Ecologicial ResToration”  (EXPERT), which produced four compendiums and four films. The outputs of the project can be categorized in four groups:

  1. Restoration of streams (historically damage by timber floating) film: (in Swedish)
  2. Removal of migration barriers (road water-crossings and dams) film: (in Swedish)
  3. Restoration of wetlands film. (in Swedish)
  4. Erosion measures film: (in Swedish)

Here is one example of the outputs of the project: it is in Finnish, about restoration of swamps

The compendiums and films are on the websites of the partners.

The main objective was  also to build a partnership between the countries and organisations in the Barents region regarding environmental restoration. This succeeded well. The project has created a restoration network between the northern parts of Norway, Finland and Sweden. The network makes it easier for the participating organsiations to continue with other restoration projects (i.e., the cross-border LIFE project TRIWA).

Project: EXcavator Pro in Ecologicial ResToration (EXPERT)

Lead Partner: County Administrative Board of Norrbotten

Other partners:

  • Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
  • Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Lapland
  • Pechenga local public organization on ecological enlightenment “EcoCentre”

Basic information about the project in KEEP database