Reindeer is sustainable food

Reindeer is an animal living today on most parts of Kolarctic region in its natural environment. Here reindeer meat is both local food and a luxury product. The demand for it exceeds the supply in Finland, and there is almost nothing left to export –  whereas in Russia the populations of reindeer are big. The reindeer in Russia live in endless forests, rich of lichen, mushrooms and other food.
Reindeer is a good choice for those who choose not to eat animals grown in cages. The markets in Europe, outside the Kolarctic CBC programme region, are promising. In Finland, there is expertise in exporting meat products.

Project Reindeer Meat – Quality High aimed to develop the export of Russian reindeer meat from Russia to Finland and other European countries. Initially, the focus was on the workers, including working clothing and occupational safety. Subsequently, attention shifted to hygiene practices. The project also addressed meat cutting techniques. The training sessions concluded with packing the products and monitoring subsequent phases of the production chain.

However, due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the project’s course changed. For the remainder of the implementation period, the project shifted its focus to enhancing the image of, and exploring the markets for Finnish reindeer meat in Europe.

Project: Reindeer Meat – Quality High

Lead partner: Lapin Nahka Oy, Rovaniemi

Other partners:

Izhemski olenevod agriculture kolkhoz cooperative, Iskateley

Agricultural Production Cooperative HARP, Krasnoye

Basic information about the project in KEEP database