Improvement of the road Kaamanen - Kirkenes

Photo of a curve in the road between Kaamanen and Kirkenes

The Road between Kaamanen (Finland), and Kirkenes (Norway) stands as the northernmost east-west road connection in the Barents region. Thanks to a Kolarctic CBC-funded Large Infrastructure Project (LIP), the most hazardous and worn-out sections have been reconstructed, resulting in reduced risks of accidents, wildlife and reindeer collisions, and road closures.

The route from Northern Finland to the coast of the Barents Sea has played a crucial role in various ways. Initially, there were paths and waterways leading to Neiden in Norway. Over time, a road was gradually constructed and improved, starting in the 1900s, connecting Kaamanen to Neiden. The road today serves both business and transportation purposes, and it is also renowned as one of the most scenic tourism routes in the North.

Project: Reconstruction of the road Kaamanen-Kirkenes

Lead partner: Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Bodø

Other partners:

  • Finnish Transport Agency, Helsinki
  • Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Enviroment for Lapland, Rovaniemi
  • Murmanskavtodor, Murmansk
  • Project Management Centre, Murmansk

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