Green filming locations

The Barents region has become an attractive destination for film recordings. One major challenge produced by increased film production is the increased pressure on the unique natural environments of the region. In order to preserve natural ecosystems and the communities that depend on them, a higher standard for sustainability in film productions needs to be established and disseminated.

Green Ice Camera was a project between Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia, in order to

  • collectively create protocols for sustainable media production
  • create a database of creative companies in the region
  • promote creative collaboration online, and
  • make it easier to hire local crew members.

The project established a network of film and sustainability experts in four countries of the Barents region and worldwide. A first edition of the Green Ice Camera framework was published for sustainable media production, and is available in 5 languages: (ENG, NO, RU, FI, SE). This framework makes use of best practice and insights from regional and international guidelines and has a wide set of references and contacts for further information.

Project: Green Ice Camera

Lead partner: Ice-9 AS, Norway

Other partners:

  • Webbon, Norrbotten
  • Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Rovaniemi
  • LLC Art Media Service, Murmansk

Basic information about the project in KEEP database