Template of Annex A: Budget Specification update 18.12.2018

Published: December 18, 2018

Template of Annex A: Budget Specification were updated on 18.12.2018. Please download new template Applying – Documents for applying


Annex A of an application: Budget specification template_Update 18.12.2018

Corrected formulas in the sheet “1. Budget TOTAL” in cells  C19:F19, C20:F20, C22:F22, C27:F27, C28:F28, C30:F30, C35:F35, C36:F36, C38:F38. There were mistake in the link of costs for Russia, Sweden and Norway for budget lines 1. Personnel, 2. Travel, 3. Equipment and purchases. The numbers were taken from the wrong sells.

If you already have filled in the Annexes A: Budget Specification you can make the correction of formula in your file by yourself.