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Reindeer Meat - Quality High (KO2124 RMQH)

Programme funding: 574 486 € Total budget: 638 318 € Duration: 15.10.2018 – 31.07.2022

The ancient tradition of reindeer husbandry in the northern regions is known throughout the world. Deer meat has become a recognizable brand. However, the industry is facing challenges on both sides of the border. Export of Russian reindeer meat overseas is relatively small. The reindeer meat sales channels are insufficiently developed and its international export needs to be enhanced. At the same time, Finnish reindeer meat producers possess expertise in exporting their products, but export is restricted by the insufficiency of reindeer meat.

The objective of the Reindeer Meat – Quality High Project is to combine the strengths and expertise of Russian and Finnish companies in the reindeer meat production chain: reindeer owners, reindeer slaughterhouses, meat production enterprises and sales companies. This is to be achieved through joint seminars, group visits and practical experience sharing. The outputs of the project are guidelines (manuals and videos) for reindeer meat producers and creation of a joint network and operational concept that supports commercial activities in both countries.

Lead partner: Lapin Nahka Oy, Rovaniemi
Other partners:

*Izhemski olenevod agriculture kolkhoz cooperative, Iskateley, RUSSIA
*Agricultural Production Cooperative HARP, Krasnoye, RUSSIA
Status: Finalised
Type of the project: Standard Projects