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Reconstruction of the road Kaamanen-Kirkenes (KO3001 ROKK)

Programme funding: 4 089 871 € Total budget: 5 000 000 € Duration: 01.03.2019 – 28.02.2022

Roads that go through borders between countries are not just roads, they are bridges between cultures. And these bridges must be maintained in a good condition, which is the goal of the project “Reconstruction of the road Kaamanen-Kirkenes”.
The road between Kaamanen and Neiden has a high risk of accidents, wildlife and reindeer collisions, road closings and high emissions of greenhouse gases. These conditions contribute to the decreased potential for both transport and people-to-people connections and cooperation in the Northern Barents area.
This project contributes to deeper cooperation between the road authorities of Norway, Finland and Russia. Project's main output is an improved road, which is being utilized by all road users. Moreover, the exchanged know-how of road designing and construction will be implemented by each partner in their further activities. The project has a clear cross border effect as a better road makes it easier to move between the countries of the Barents region. Business, transport companies, consumers and producers in Russia, Sweden, Norway and Finland all benefit from a road with higher standard, better safety, better accessibility, and shorter travelling time.
Lead partner: Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Bodø
Other partners:
* Finnish Transport Agency, Helsinki, Finland
* Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Enviroment for Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
* Murmanskavtodor, Murmansk, Russia
* Project Management Centre, Murmansk, Russia
Status: Finalised
Type of the project: Large Infrastructure Projects