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EXcavator Pro in Ecologicial ResToration (EXPERT KO5008)

Programme funding: 41 150 Total budget: 66 300 Duration: 01.12.2021 – 30.11.2022

Excavators are needed for the restoration of streams and wetlands and the removal of migratory barriers. However, machine operators’ lack of knowledge about ecological restoration, can affect the quality of the work and make it even more expensive if it must be re-done.

The “EXcavator Pro in Ecological ResToration” project will result in a complete educational material in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Russian as well as a program for the course, which will contribute to increased ecological enlightenment and knowledge of ecological restoration. The project plans to build a partnership between the countries and organisations in the Barents region by having eco-educational activities. It creates a platform for the countries to continue with nature restoration projects also after the project has ended.

The best practices in the field of ecological restoration will be shared and taught in practical workshops. The exchange of experience will increase the quality of the restoration work in the Barents region and inspire stakeholders to do more ecological measures. The project will make restoration more cost-effective when all involved have the same level of knowledge.
Lead partner: County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
Other partners:
Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norway
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Lapland, Finland
Pechenga local public organization on ecological enlightenment "EcoCentre", Russia
Status: Finalised
Type of the project: Micro Projects