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Aurora Borealis monitoring system for tourism business needs (KO5029 Aurora)

Programme funding: 45 000 € Total budget: 60 000 € Duration: 01.03.2021 – 28.02.2022

Arctic tourism is becoming more and more attractive among visitors. They are expecting unusual experience by seeing the natural phenomena typical for the Arctic area such as the Aurora Borealis. In fact, such tourism has a seasonal character and depends on weather conditions. In case tourists could not obtain expected feelings, the tourist agencies faced consumers’ disappointment and decline in service satisfaction. Therefore, applying scientific resources for the development of Arctic tourism is important.

The project is planning to help tourism-related SMEs to broaden and improving their services on the basis of the latest scientific findings. This problem has been identified by survey analysis of tourists, tour-guides and representatives of tourism agencies.The overall goal of the project is to draw attention to the Arctic nature and to research such a unique phenomenon as Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). The project will promote growth of tourist sector, resulting in increase of tourists, higher revenue in the local economy and a better employment rate in the tourist sphere. Along that nature reserves situated in the area will have an opportunity to widen number of their services and develop new education programs for school children and local people who are interested in nature.
Lead partner: Polar Geophysical Institute
Other partners:
Education, Innovation, Scientific and Reasearch Union Socium+ (Murmansk, Russia)
Metsähallitus, Parks & Widlife Finland (Lapland, Russia)
State Nature Reserve Pasvik (Murmansk, Russia)
Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) (Troms and Finnmark, Norway)
Status: Finalised
Type of the project: Micro Projects