Waiting for ratification - what can be done while waiting?

Published: March 20, 2018

The Implementation of Kolarctic CBC is waiting for ratification actions by the Federal Assembly of Russia. During the waiting, the project actors have a chance to continue on their project preparations – in order to consummate the work plan of the project.

The European Commission, Russia, Finland and Sweden have signed in December 2016 a Financing Agreement about the financing and implementation of Kolarctic CBC programme. Some corrections in the wording of the Financing Agreement have been done during 2017, and the parts have re-signed the corrected agreement in December 2017. According to Russian legislation, the Federal Assembly of Russia must ratify the Financing Agreement before it can be put into operation.

How this affects the Kolarctic CBC projects:

The Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic CBC has approved 18 standard projects and three Large Infrastructural Projects to be financed. Unfortunately, the Managing Authority cannot sign Grant Contracts with the Lead Partners before the ratification of the Financing Agreement in the Federal Assembly of Russia has been finalised and thus the Russian state financing for the programme is available. Before that, the projects cannot start.

According to information from the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, The ratification of the Financing Agreement is included in the spring session work plan of the Federal Assembly, which lasts up to the 29 of July 2018. Today, the Managing Authority does not have a more precise timetable.

Regardless the delay in the implementation of Kolarctic CBC programme, The Managing Authority and the Lead Partners of projects are carrying out Grant Contract negotiations. The period of Grant Contract negotiations is also the time when the Lead Partner and Partners must write and sign a Partnership Agreement.

The Managing Authority of Kolarctic CBC regrets the situation that does not depend on the Managing Authority, and which the Managing Authority cannot influence.

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