Thoughts from CBC Coordinator and something about ROM

Published: September 20, 2021

Last week I had my one-month anniversary as CBC Coordinator. This past month has gone by so quickly that I almost missed the date.  My colleagues have warmly welcomed me into Kolarctic family. I am grateful for them giving me such a good induction. They made it easy for me to jump into this position.

I have earlier worked in EU funded projects as a project manager/coordinator. Now it is interesting to be on the other side of the table and learn how much work goes into implementing the programme as managing authority. There are many monitoring and reporting activities, which take place without the funded projects even knowing about them. What was also new to me is the fact that we are still reporting things from the previous programme, which ended in 2013(!). 

I like the diversity of my job. One minute I am writing minutes from a meeting or an annual report and the next I am reading about the development of environmental volunteering. I also like it that I get to be a bit playful on our social media channels. But the best part of this job is the  international working environment. It feels like world is smaller again and I am grateful to be part of a programme which encourages regions to work together. 

I look forward getting to know our projects a bit better. My next task will bring some of the projects closer to me as I focus on result-oriented monitoring (ROM). The daily monitoring activities by the managing authority mainly focus on the project implementation progress (activities, budget etc.), whereas ROM focuses on project’s results. Based on certain criteria we have chosen three projects to be result-oriented monitored this autumn. ROM activities include desk and field work followed by reporting. I will give a quick review to the current situation of each selected project and then go more deeply into the performance of the project, assess the likelihood that the project’s objectives will be achieved and evaluate the need for action. 

I will write another post about ROM after I have finished it and I might have some recommendations that can be applied to the projects that have not been ROM-ed. 

But before that I wish everyone great autumn!


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