Stakeholders commented the Kolarctic 2021-2027 programme draft

Published: June 23, 2021

Stakeholders of Kolarctic gathered today in a stakeholder consultation to express their views about what should be done during 2021-2027.  The Managing Authority, together with the Task Force working on the planning of the programme, had invited all interested to participate. The participants had many questions, some of which the MA or the Task Force could answer. Some of them they could not answer yet, and those questions can be taken into account in the preparation of the programme.




Programme Manager of Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020, Riikka Oittinen presented the procedure how the programme has been prepared and what we know now.






Riikka Oittinen presented the basics of the next programme draft. The preparation of the programme is in a stage where four Priorities have been selected, and under each of them, 1- 2 Specific Objectives are defined.







The discussion was arranged around the Priorities and Specific Objectives. Ylva Sarden, Kairi Pääsuke and Eilen Wibeke Bruun Zakariassen presented the Priorities 1-4 of the programme and encouraged the participants to give their comments. 

Apublic hearing will be arranged about the programme draft during autumn 2021.