Seven Standard projects and three Large Infrastructure Projects approved

Published: December 8, 2017

The Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic CBC Programme 2014–2020 has in its meeting in Tromsø on 7–8 December 2017 approved seven standard project proposals to be financed by the Programme. The decision of the Joint Monitoring Committee is under a suspensive clause, until the Russian Duma has ratified the Financing Agreement between the European Commission and the Russian Federation. The Grant Contracts between the Lead Partners of each project and the Managing Authority (Regional Council of Lapland) can be signed only after the ratification of the Financial Agreement.

During the 2nd Call for Proposals, 26 June–29 September 2017, totally 28 applications were submitted to the Programme Management System PROMAS. The Monitoring Committee selected the ones to be financed from 25 project proposals that passed the administrative and eligibility check. A total of 8,2 million euros Programme financing was allocated to the projects.

The following projects were approved:

KO2011 Arctic Railway Infrastructure in Kolarctic II, Lead Partner Northern Research Institute Narvik, Norway
KO2020 Barents On Time, Lead Partner Finnmark County Authority, Norway
KO2071 Development of common approaches to involvement youth into science and technical sphere, Lead Partner Municipality of Alta, Norway
KO2072 Kolarctic Food Refining CBC Project, Lead Partner NordConsult Oy, Finland
KO2093 Phenomena of Arctic Nature, Lead Partner Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland
KO2100 Ice Operations, Lead Partner Northern Research Institute Narvik, Norway
KO2124 Reindeer Meat – Quality High, Lead Partner Lapin Nahka Oy, Finland

The Joint Monitoring Committee also made a decision about the schedule of the 3rd Call for Proposals for standard projects: The call will be opened 3 May, 2018 and closed 28 September, 2018. The information about the focus of the call, as well as available allocation will be announced later.

For the Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs) there has been a special procedure. In the Joint Operational Programme there are eight LIPs included, which the Programming Committee has identified as potential direct awards without call for proposals. From the summaries of these eight proposals, the Joint Monitoring Committee in October 2016 shortlisted three to be sent to the European Commission for consultation. After this, the Lead Partners of the three proposals submitted full applications by 31.10.2017 to the Managing Authority, and The Joint Monitoring Committee made upon the full applications the decisions on the Projects in its meeting in Tromsø.

After the decision of Joint Monitoring Committee the LIPs will be sent to the European Commission for internal consultation and final approval. The decisions made by the Joint Monitoring Committee and the European Commission concerning the Large Infrastructure Projects are under a suspensive clause until the Financing Agreement between the European Commission and the Russian Federation is ratified in the Russian Duma.

The following Large Infrastructure Projects were approved:

KO3000 General furnishing and surface infrastructure development of the Kola-Vehrnetulomsky-BDP Lotta Road, Lead Partner State organization for managing the roads of the Murmansk region “Murmanskavtodor”, Russia
KO3001 Reconstruction of the road Kaamanen-Kirkenes, Lead Partner Norwegian Public Roads Adminstration, Norway
KO3002 Raja-Jooseppi; BCP development and reconstruction; traffic arrangements, building and technology, Lead Partner Finnish Transport Agency, Finland

Additional information:
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