Project implementation manual updates

Published: January 26, 2021

The Kolarctic CBC Managing Authority has updated the Project Implementation Manual. The updated version provides specifications and clarifications to instructions and rules which earlier may not have been presented clearly enough.
The updated version also includes information for Micro Projects, which were selected in the Fourth Call for Proposals. For this purpose, a new chapter has been added to the manual.
The updated manual will be valid from February 23th onwards. The MA sends it to all project Lead Partners.
The updates in the manual are about: 

  • the role of the manual itself as setting requirements for the projects
  • communication between the Managing Authority, the Branch Offices and the project
  • project events
  • eligibility of personnel costs
  • eligibility of travel costs
  • eligibility of hospitality costs
  • procurement procedures: independence of the supplier
  • requirement for some more detailed information in the interim report about the indicators
  • specified instructions about indicator values
  • modification of the project budget

The Project Implementation Manual is available in page Materials & info to Kolarctic CBC projects
A link straight to the document: Kolarctic CBC project Implementation Manual