Project implementation manual updates

Published: September 6, 2021

The Kolarctic CBC Managing Authority has updated the project implementation manual. The updated version provides specifications and clarifications to instructions and rules which may not have been presented clearly enough. 

The updates in the manual are about:

  • New chapter about finalising the project was added. See the chapter 6.3.
  • Archiving info was updated. See the chapter 6.4.
  • Please note that from now on, the projects shall use the same logo as the Managing Authority. A separate logo for projects is not in use anymore. Read more about the updated communication instructions on the chapter 7.1. of the Manual
  • Instructions concerning last interim report, see the chapter 9.2.
  • Instructions about financial reporting for Norwegian partners, see the chapter 9.3
  • Instructions concerning final report, see the chapter 9.4. Templates for obligatory annexes are available on Materials & Info.
  • Possibility to use a simplified format for proposing budget changes when applying for prolongation of project implementation time. See the chapter 11.2 of the Manual. The model for marking budget changes is available on Materials & info.
  • Instructions for final reporting to Micro Projects, see the chapter 13.
  • Former chapter 13 (closure of project) with similar information to the chapter 6.4 was deleted.
  • Annexes: checklists updated.

The updated manual will be valid from the 7th of October onwards. The Managing Authority has sent it to all project Lead Partners. The project implementation manual and the new logo are available in page Materials & info. A straight link to the document is here