Lotta - Verhnetulomskiy road is being improved

Published: June 20, 2019

Road reconstruction between the border crossing point ”Lotta” and Verkhnetulomskiy in Murmansk region has started, in a project financed by Kolarctic CBC.  

Raja-Jooseppi – Lotta is one of the three border crossing points to Russia in the Kolarctic CBC border region, and the northernmost international border crossing point in the European Union. The road from Lotta to Verhnetulomskiy is under constant stress and often a bottleneck on a car tour between Murmansk and Finnish Lapland. In the project, the Lead Partner “Murmanskavtodor” is taking new steps in raising the competence in road construction and e.g. asphalt analysis. As an output of the project, parts of the road will be totally reconstructed, the road will be upgraded and its safety will increase.

The total budget of the project is 4,5 Million EUR. The financing consists mostly of Russian state financing included in the Kolarctic CBC programme. Murmansk region welcomes the project. “The road is one of the important ones in creating a first impression of our region, to those who come here by road. The road has not been renovater during the past 20 years. Our goal is to carry out a good quality and timely reconstruction” says governor Mr Andrey Chibis from Murmansk regional administration in an interview to Rossija 24.

Murmansk Regional Administration has published on their website news about the project in Russian. https://gov-murman.ru/info/news/301929/