First 11 projects have been approved to be financed by Kolarctic CBC

Published: June 10, 2017

Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 programme has chosen its first projects. The Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic CBC has in its meeting in Oslo on 8-9 June 2017 approved 11 project proposals to be financed by the programme. The next phase for them is Grant Contract negotiations that will be carried out starting from August 2017.

The Monitoring Committee selected from 40 project proposals that various applicants have submitted during the 1st call for proposals 23 January – 15 March 2017.  Programme financing was awarded total of 12 M€. The following projects were selected:

Project no:

Project Title

Lead Partner

Participating countries


Arctic Coast Bioremediation

FBI State Regional Centre for Standardization, metrology and Testing in the Murmansk Region (MCSM)

Russia, Finland, Norway


BRIDGE – Barents Region Initiative for Developing Growth and Employability

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Norway, Finland, Russia


Salmonid Fish and Freshwater Pearl Mussel

Metsähallitus, Parks and Wildlife Finland

Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway


Barents Region Transport and Logistics

Council of Kainuu

Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway


Supporting Environmental Economic and Social Impacts of Mining Activity

Northern Research Institute Narvik AS

Norway, Finland, Russia, Sweden


Ecological Restoration of Arctic Rivers

County Administrative Board fo Norrbotten

Sweden, Finland, Russia, Norway


Facility Management of Residential Buildings in Barents region

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Norway, Finland, Russia, Sweden


Green Arctic Building

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Norway, Finland, Russia, Sweden


Cross-border dialogue and Multi-Use Planning in the Pasvik and Grense Jakobselv catchments

The Office of the Finnmark County Governor

Norway, Finland, Russia


Geo-Bio Hazards in the Arctic Region

Geological Survey of Finland

Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway


Agroforestry in Barents region

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Finland, Russia, Norway