Focus on Kolarctic CBC indicators - invitation to projects

Published: April 15, 2021

Indicators are part of reporting of all Kolarctic CBC projects. The Managing Authority and the Branch Offices of Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 Programme all projects participate in an event focusing on indicators. During the event(S), we will provide information to support you in practical tasks related to Kolarctic project monitoring, evaluation and reporting. The event is mainly intended for lead partners, but we also welcome participation from interested partner organisations.
To better focus on timely and actual issues, we are organising two separate sessions: one for micro projects, and one for standard & large infrastructure projects. In addition to project cycle -tailored information, both events provide general information about Kolarctic CBC indicators and monitoring and evaluation processes. And of course, there will be room for your questions.

Event for micro projects with a focus on monitoring project progress and results, collecting data for reporting, will take place on 27th of April at 13-15.00 FI/RU time, 12-14 NO/SE time
Event for Kolarctic CBC Standard and Large Infrastructure Projects with a focus on verifiable data, possible changes, reporting project achievement and results, will take place on 29th of April at 13-15.00 FI/RU time, 12-14 NO/SE time

Please register for the events via the following link by 23rd of April: . The registration form has room for your questions, which will be addressed in the course of the two events.
The agenda for the two events will be finalised based on your questions given in the registration form, and sent to your email addresses together with the meeting link before the events.

Further information: