Discontinuation of the Kolarctic 2021-2027 programming

Published: April 4, 2022

Following the unprovoked and unjustified military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the European Union has adopted a set of measures that have major influence in the programming of the Interreg NEXT 2021-2027 period. Consequently, the participation of Russia and Belarus in the programming process for Interreg 2021-2027 is suspended.  As the purpose of the Kolarctic external cross-border collaboration programme is cooperation with Russia, the programming of the 2021-2027 period has been discontinued.

The Commission has started the discussion with the Member States on reallocation of the ERDF funding reserved for the 2021-2027 programme. The Kolarctic Managing Authority compiles and stores the steps and results achieved in the programming and related sub-processes.

Keywords: 2021-2027