Cooperation on development of a border crossing road in the North

Published: March 15, 2019

Plans are now being made to upgrade National Road 92 between Neiden in Norway and Kaamanen in Finland, under the auspices of the EU-financed Kolarctic CBC programme. The project is a cooperation between Norway, Finland, Russia and the EU.
In addition to being an important connection between Norway and Finland, the road between Neiden and Kaamanen is also a part of the East/West connection between Northwestern Russia and the Kirkenes area and the western part of the North Calotte.
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has recently started the work to plan the Norwegian part of the route, which starts just above the E6 junction at Neiden and runs all the way to the border with Finland. From here, Finland will continue upgrading the road towards Kaamanen.
The purpose of upgrading this road is to reduce accidents and improve mobility and traffic flow in winter conditions. There are also problems with vehicles hitting wild animals on this route.
The total budget is EUR 5 million. This is not enough for a complete upgrading of the road, but the planning that is now being started aims to identify the most important issues that need attention.
–   I am very pleased that we are able to continue our good cooperation with our neighbouring countries in order to develop the transport system in the North, says Bjørg-Anita Joki of the NPRA in Finnmark.
In previous cooperation projects, Norway, Finland and Russia have upgraded road sections on their own side of the border.
It is the first time we cooperate closely throughout the entire process. An important purpose is to achieve similar standards with regard to traffic safety and mobility on both sides of the border. In addition, Norway, Finland and Russia can learn a lot from each other when it comes to planning and road construction.
Detailed planning of the project will take place throughout 2019, whereas construction activities are scheduled for 2020 and 2021.