Webinar about transport and logistic systems on the Barents region, on 19th May

Published: May 7, 2021

Projects “Barents Region Transport and Logistics” and “Northern Axis – Barents Link” (both of which are funded by Kolarctic CBC) arrange a webinar on Barents Region transport and logistics. The event will be organized as a Zoom Meeting on 19th May from 10 to 12AM (Finnish time). More information, and a link to the meeting, are available on the website of the Regional Council of Kainuu: https://kainuunliitto.fi/en/12146/ 
The purpose of the webinar is:

  • to give a more holistic picture of the operational environment, defining links between the Arctic, the Barents and Northern Dimension to global.
  • to have a look on Barents Regional Council and its role in the multilateral cross-border cooperation
  • to understand the Barents Euro-Arctic Region transport and logistics system and its current status as well as future development needs