14 Micro-projects approved

Published: June 25, 2020

The Joint Monitoring Committee of Kolarctic CBC has approved totally 14 micro-projects from the 4th Call for Proposals. The JMC had an online-meeting on 23th June. The 4th Call for Proposals was popular, the programme received totally 53 proposals for micro-projects. The requirements for micro-projects, compared to standard projects, was that a micro-project can last max 12 months, and the costs of it can be max 50 000 eur, or if a Norwegian partner is involved, 100 000 eur. Part of the projects are ones that prepare a a bigger development project to be carried our later.
The Managing Authority can proceed towards drawing up a Grant Contract for the following micro-projects:

  • Detect and stop the spread of Gyrodactylus salaris on the North Calotte. Lead Partner: Norwegian Veterinary Institute
  • Remediation strategies for ultra-low sulfur fuel oil in winter conditions, Lead Partner: SINTEF Narvik A.S.
  • GREEN ICE CAMERA, Lead Partner: Ice-9 AS
  • New Natural Kolarctic Products SME Assistance, Lead Partner: SINTEF Narvik A.S.
  • Capacity Building for Black Carbon mitigation efforts: a roadmap for cross-border activities, Lead Partner: Lapland University of Applied Sciences
  • Nitrogen compound removal processes, Lead Partner; SINTEF Narvik A.S.
  • Gap and barrier analysis of Euro-Arctic coastal wetlands conservation, Lead Partner: Limited Liability company “Scientific and Technical Enterprise “Rubus”
  • Treasures from the Northern Nature, Lead Partner: Lapland University of Applied Sciences
  • Look more often to the North, Lead Partner: Arkhangelsk Art School
  • Smart Arctic National Parks: Digitization of Waste and Water Management (WWM) Systems in National Parks and Nature Reserves Cross-Border, Lead Partner: University of Oulu
  • “Industrial Tourism: Developing New Destinations in the Arctic”, Lead Partner: Lapland University of Applied Sciences Ltd.
  • EXcavator Pro in Ecologicial ResToration, Lead Partner: County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
  • Drone safety monitoring systems for Arctic mining, Lead Partner: Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences» (INEP KSC RAS)
  • Aurora Borealis monitoring system for tourism business needs, Lead Partner: Polar Geophysical Institute

    In addition to these 14 projects, the JMC approved 6 proposals with conditions, and 7 proposals to a reserve list.