Material for projects

Kolarctic CBC projects find necessary material here: Instructions, other information, and templates for reporting. The Managing Authority is constanty updating this page (updated 26 .September, 2018)
The central document to get to know is the Project Implementation Manual: it is a guide from the Managing Authority to the projects. It clarifies the conditions and gives many practical advice. Download it here:  Project implementation manual 240918   
The Manual is also available in Russian: RU Project Implementation Manual RU oct 2018

Grant Contract and its Annexes

Grant Contract model

Conditions applicable to Grant Contracts financed by the Kolarctic CBC programme (Annex II of every Grant Contract)

Contract-award procedures (Annex V of every Grant Contract)

Award of procurement contacts by Russian private beneficiaries

Documents for reporting

Financial Identification Form must be submitted to the MA before the first payment

Financial report with General Ledger specification (Annex 1 of a report)

Personnel cost specification (Annex 2 of a report)

List of purchases (Annex 3 of a report)

List of preparatory costs (to be reported in the 1st interim report, if the project budget includes preparatory costs)

Consolidated financial report

Time sheet

Documents for Expenditure and Revenue verification

A description of the expenditure and revenue verification procedure

Service Contract for the expenditure and revenue verification

Expenditure and revenue verification report

Checklist for the expenditure verification

List of factual findings

Report on suspected fraud or established fraud

Material to support project implementation

Kolarctic CBC logo to be used by projects (.jpeg)

Kolarctic CBC logo in grey shades - to be used by projects